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About us

We are the oldest and most experienced coach and bus operator in Denmark.

We are also one of the largest operators and, in this capacity, we solve all types of driving tasks, no matter the length of the tour or the size of the party.

We generally handle all the arrangements from start to end, which means we can assist with planning and service in addition to driving the coach, e.g. guides, signs, tour plans and logistics. Or perhaps a little, but crucial detail like finding a good restaurant for your guests.

We have many partnerships with both private and public enterprises requiring safety and precision without having to plan everything from scratch each time. We always have pleasant and experienced employees available to help you when you call us to guarantee that everything will proceed according to plan from start to end.
Welcoming your guests is a big responsibility. Our coaches are therefore in a class of their own, also when it comes to safety standards and the environment.

However, when all is said and done, all good coach or bus travelling experiences are about people and commitment. Call us and experience the difference.

A positive experience and a touch of luxury on a tour from A to B is like taking a deep refreshing breath on a busy day.
We know full well that calm and extra care are just the ticket.
Our drivers are therefore more than just drivers; they are your travelling companions and friends – and our coaches are your home during your tour, be it short or long.

You are therefore welcome to enjoy refreshments when travelling with us. And not just because you may be hungry or thirsty, but because we want to spoil you.

Welcome on board!


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