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The environment

Centrum Turist A/S focuses on the environment in our everyday work as well as in our investments in new environmentally sustainable coaches.

In recent years, Centrum Turist began investing in new coaches and, in 2007, we registered 11 brand-new coaches, five of which comply with the EUR 5 norm, making them the cleanest vehicles in Denmark today.

We have ample capacity at our sites for receiving waste from our guests. No waste is thus left in nature.

Our employees are dedicated to protecting the environment and are highly conscious of our impact on the environment. We sort cans and glass for recycling.

We only sell beverages in our coaches that comply with the deposit legislation and are thus recycled.

Our state-of-the-art workshop, in particular, sorts batteries, brake parts and oil for recycling.

Centrum Turist A/S is the leading environmental company in the Danish tourism sector.

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